Sejin’s wireless Keyboards with and without built in mouse-function are quality products. They have a very pleasant keytouch and a amazing mouse response. The nominal operating range is 5 meters, but they will work up to 13 meters with fresh batteries.
The wireless Keyboards work the same way as a remote control for a TV. Infra Red Light ( IR ) is transmitted to an IR- receiver. The receiver plugs into the computer in the same PS/2 ports that are used for the ordinary keyboard and mouse. It is entirely ”Plug and Play” and no software is needed.
With more users in the same room you individualise the Keyboards with special ID-function allowing up to 16 individual keyboards to be used in the same room.
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Liberated from the wires

Liberated from the wires to Keyboard and Mouse you will work more relaxed and comfortable.

Stow the Keyboard wherever you like to get more space on your desk.

Computer based presentations will be more professional when you control the computer from a chosen point in front of your audience.

You will allow yourself a more ergonomic working position and you reduce the risk of getting a ”mouse-arm” and stiff neck.


      Information shared for the four models

Built-in mouse function: track-ball
Key travel: 3,0 0,5 mm
Operating force: 0,6 0,2 N
PC/AT, PS/2 MS Windows and Windows NT
Functionality:Full 104 or 105 keyboard
with Windows-key
Full size key pitch (19,05 mm, .750 in.)
Adjustable for 16 user IDs in the same area
”Plug and Play” (no software needed)
International languages available
Agency approvals: FCC, UL, CSA , CE
Left- and right ”click”-buttons
One year warranty
The batteries last for 3-6 months
by normal use
ISO 9001 certified
Range 5 meters (even 13 meters
with fresh batteries)

  Information shared for the

IR (infrared) transmission
Wide angle detector
Carrier frequency 56 kHz ( optional 38,4 kHz )
Mouse data reporting rate: 40 packets/sec
Size: 86 x 75 x 25 mm
Four LED indicators (Num, Caps, Scroll, Power)
Cable: Optional PC/AT 5-pin DIN keyboard
and serial mouse adapters
Extension cord, 3 meters, extra accessories
Specification for Trackball SPR-8696WT

Non-skid rubber feet
Adjustable tilt legs
Effective operating angle: within 30 at 5 meters
Power: 3V DC (two AA batteries included)

Size: 292 x 164 x 30 mm

Specification for Beamer SPR-8697WT
Non-skid rubber feet
Separate Insert and Delete keys
Three-level range switch (to save batteries)
Effective operating angle: horizontal -- within 90
vertical -- within 30
Power: 6V DC (four AA batteries included)

Size: 458 x 221 x 42 mm
Specification for Desktop SKR-1196WT

Not available at the moment

Separate cursor and numeric keypad and Insert and Delete keys
Effective operating angle: within 30 at 5 meters
Power: 3V DC (two AA batteries included)
Possibility to choose internal- or external mouse function

Size: 390 x 230 x 49 mm

Specifications for external mouse ( This mouse connects to the keyboard only):

Resolution: 400 DPI
Tracking speed: 100 mm/sec
Connection: mini-DIN 9 Pin
Switch life: 1 000 000 Cycles
Mouse life: 250 km
Size: 66 x 125 x 35 mm


Specification for Litewave SPR-5096WT

Elegant ergonomic design
Spill drainage features
Effective operating angle: within 30 at 5 meters
Power: 3V DC (two AA batteries included)

Size: 410 x 202 x 49 mm